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Schools and teachers need greater knowledge around SEND, yet the training and support for staff around SEND isn’t there. The funding and time simply isn’t there.

The SENDcast is a great way for all staff in a school to learn about different aspects of SEND, from classroom based approaches, to helping children deal with anxiety and grief. We also covered subjects like supporting pupils with SEND at home and advice for SENCOs around workload and whole school approaches.

Every week we have a different guest on talking about a different topic. We cover a huge range of topics that will support senior leaders, SENCOs, teachers, support staff and other professionals and parents.

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In our first year we had over 30,000 listens which is phenomenal, we are listed on a number of local authority and family support websites as a source of information and the feedback on social media has been amazing!


You can subscribe to the SENDcast on all the different podcast platforms or listen through the SENDCast website. For more episodes and more information visit the SENDcast website.

Very notable points in the latest @theSENDcast with @NataliePacker – Every leader is a leader of SEND and it is crucial that this starts at the top! Completely agree that the head should have been a SENCO too. So lucky with this in my new school! #everychildwithsendmatters

@sencochat / TWITTER

I can’t believe they I’ve only just discovered @theSENDcast! A worthy listen for anyone working in #SEN and mainstream settings.

@MissSTaylor2 / TWITTER

I always enjoy the ⁦@theSENDcast⁩ but this is an excellent episode, brimming with such brilliant advice from ⁦@sencogirl ⁩ which can be so easily implemented. Trying to think of a suitable regional alternative to the Tunnocks platter!